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Temp Controlled

We ensure all contents are loaded and shipped according to customer needs, including temperature controlled processes.

Dry Van

Convenient and simple shipping methods to carry and move all palletized, boxed, or loose-freight contents.

Dedicated Capacity

Our organized shipping processes are aimed towards offering the space our clients need for the products they need to move.

Less Than Truckload

Optional loading and shipping services provided for packages and products of smaller quantities for your convenience.



When you hire FIA Freight to be your logistics partner, our team will design a comprehensive plan for your freight management. Using a collaborative approach, we work closely with our clients to understand the intricacies of their shipments and all special requests that must be adhered to when transporting their product. After expectations are communicated to FIA Freight our team them begins providing a timely and cost-efficient solution.

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During the execution of our clients freight, nothing is left to chance. Our freight management team follows the carefully designed transportation plan to detail. The end result is a freight that is delivered safely, cost-efficiently on time. We are proactive by providing constant communication and visibility to our clients throughout their supply chain.

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Our network of equipment includes Reefers, Vented Vans, Dry Vans, Trailers with Lift-gates, Flatbeds (tarping and binding), Landolls, Lowboys (RGN) and Box Trucks. FIA Freight sources SOLO and TEAM drivers according to the transit-time (TT) and requirements needed for on time delivery (OTD). Our freight management team provides TWIC Cards to enter sea ports and rail yards as well as HAZMAT permits and overweight permits.

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