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Temperature-Controlled Freight Management

FIA Freight offers strategic temperature-controlled warehousing (“cooler”) in Doral, Florida and Los Angeles, California. This allows us to consolidate our clients’ shipments of fresh-cut flowers, roses and fresh produce while connecting the East Coast and the West Coast on a daily basis using a per-pallet position. Between both of our warehouse locations we have the ability to consolidate 250 pallet positions per day and then distribute locally via less-than-truck load (LTL) services.



• Temperature controlled service (cold and frozen)
• Single and team drivers for versatility
• Dedicated service for special projects
• Just-in-time service (JIT)

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Smart Shipping

• Safety minded initiatives (new trucks, new trailers, online shipment tracking, electronic POD’s)
• FDA approved trailers for produce and food loads
• USDA approved trailers for foliage shipments
• All trucks are on GPS and can be tracked through our real-time tracking application on
• Proof of deliveries (POD’s) are sent electronically with digital signature from receiving warehouse

Safe and Secure



• Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) capabilities
• Ability to cross-dock perishables and consolidate product
• Cooler space to accommodate 250 pallet positions daily

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Temperature-Controlled Shipping Services

Our temperature controlled shipping network has developed an extremely reliable reputation as a trustworthy service. Your personal customer service team (available 24/7) ensures your cold or frozen freight arrives on time and without incident. We keep your cargo safe and at the right temperature by ensuring you have a responsible and experienced driver. We only let our drivers operate a modern fleet of well-maintained high-grade equipment (less than five years old). We’ve even gone so far as to implement e-logs that increase responsible driving and ensure that our drivers are the safest ones on the road. Our drivers also have access to our driver-training program for introductory and remedial training At FIA Freight, our approach is: if you protect the driver network, you protect the customer.

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